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    In 2018 as a young woman fresh out of culinary school, I had the desire to share my creative dishes with friends and family by first selling lunch meals from home. The meals where a hit, and with growing demands for more of my meals, I decided to create a meal prep service that is now known as Jessy's Clean Meals.

    In the process of learning the steps of running a business on my own, I ran into obstacles that where on my way of success. A deep dependency and bad relationship with alcohol was quickly deteriorating what I worked so hard to build. I share this because I decided to get the help that I needed and despite the Pandemic that hit 2020, I' am finally finding myself through recovery. With recovery, I now enjoy all the great things that cooking brings into my life and I plan to continue my journey and succeed. My business has grown because of Sobriety, and this is now more personal to me than ever before. My creative dishes are a reflection of me, full of colors and character!

    Thank you to all the customers, friends and most importantly my family for the constant support that has helped me with the blooming of my meal prep business. My focus is to keep providing everyone with clean, healthy, nutritious meals to motivate and help others focus on living a better life through food.

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