Our Mission

At Jessy's Clean Meals we understood from the beginning that our community needed healthier alternatives to the unhealthy choices that many of us face on the go. We also push to educate our customers about the benefits they are getting from our homemade, fresh and healthy meals through our social media platforms. The idea is to promote health and overall clean eating so we strive on providing a sustainable way of eating while still being affordable, tasty and convenient. This is why we make it our mission to provide our customers with:

Ready to eat healthy meals to prepare you for a productive week
Heart healthy oatmeals made with almond butter
and almond milk for a complete breakfast
Fresh squeezed detox juices
All natural smoothies
Homemade snacks low in sugar
Healthier corporate catering

How does our meal prep work?

No minimum order required for pick-ups. No subscription needed but we do have it available for great savings!
We deliver within 10 miles of our location (delivery fees apply). Please be at home for deliveries on Sundays, to refrigerate your meals upon arrival.



Corporate Catering

Specializing In Individually Packaged Meals

The way we host meetings and business events has changed but what has not changed is the importance of a good meal to wrap up your event. Our experience in packaged meals has helped us provide a much safer corporate catering experience by providing your guest with individually packaged meals. Not just a more personalized way to eat, but much healthier options for your guests to prove to them that they matter .

Please contact us for more information about corporate catering

Juice Detox

Our three day detox juice are full of vegetables, ginger, turmeric and good for you fruits that will help you see great changes in your system!

Overnight Oats

Our heart healthy overnight oats are made with almond milk, almond butter, dates and chia seeds. A perfect combination of fiber and protein will help you start off your day feeling full and energized.

Our Location

We are proud to be part of the first shared kitchen in 420 Common St, Lawrence, Massachusetts known as The Revolving Test Kitchen. This amazing shared space has given us the opportunity to move our business from home and operate with all the safe & legal guidelines a food business needs. Not just RTK but its affiliation with Lawrence Partnership has introduced us to a whole lot of resources that has helped us build a strong foundation for the future of the business. We are thankful to be part of something so special belonging to a city we call home.

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